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Business Partner Registration
Everheld Enhancement Partner
Enhanced discount rate for purchase of gift certificates. [save for service product rec: Permit to offer Everheld Full Service Memorial packages, which, depending upon the level of service, include exclusive custom themes, image enhancement, editorial assistance, printing and framing of memorial home page.]
Annual Membership Fee: $120.00
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Select Certificates and Quantities
Perpetual Memorial
Designed to cover cost of a non-expiring Everheld Memorial
Gift Certificate Retail Value: $72.00
One-year Memorial with renewal options
Designed to cover cost of a one-year Everheld Memorial which your recipient will have the option to renew
Gift Certificate Retail Value: $28.00

Theme templates (optional)

You can register one or more theme templates for a one-time charge per template. Each template allows you create a theme that can be applied to any cutomer's memorial space. (Your customer is not forced to use your theme, but the system allows you set your theme as the default theme for your gift certificate recipients)


Purchase 6 theme templates to design a complete set of rotating themes (four theme changes within a given year, plus two special-occasion themes).
Note: There is no need to decide on themes now. You can register theme templates at any time after you become a Partner.

Theme Templates

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